Reformed and Ancient?

Wow! A new website… A new Start… But the same audience. This is exciting, humbling, and faith growing. So, what’s new? Well, plenty. I am willing to bet that many of you who visit here are void of anything better to do. And I can only imagine how ridiculous it seems that my little blog is anything important. Stay with me.

We are Reformed!


This blog follows the four main streams of Reformed thought. Anglican, Dutch, Presbyterian, and Particular Baptist. The writers who are published here are from one of those four influences. All are conservative and engage in ministry somewhere, somehow.

We are Ancient!


This one might get me in trouble a bit… Many churches have claimed the title as the one church established by the apostles. The Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox (and company), the Landmark Baptists (wink wink!). But it is my belief that being ancient is irrelevant if there is no apostolic teaching to hang your hat on. This blog desires to show the truth of the apostolic witness.

We are here for you!

Have any questions? Comments? Concerns? News pertaining to the existence of Smurfs? Contact us to share. We will respond in an orderly and swift manner. (The orderly manner of our response depends on whether or not you share proof of the existence of said Smurfs…)

Soli Deo Gloria!


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