Trump 2020: Make America Conservative Again!

Anthony W. Brooks

Yesterday was a big start to a massive resurgence in the MAGA movement. El Paso, the Democratic controlled city in West Texas which is a well known border town with an actual steel fence separating the two nations of the USA and Mexico was taken over by President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign rally that hinted at a slogan change to “Keep America Great!”

The same day, at the same time, Beto O’rourke held a counter rally that, in comparison to Trump’s Presidential presence, was minuscule in comparison. Let’s compare the two numbers we are for certain about 10,000 (Trump), 200 (Beto). Let’s add to Trump the massive overflow crowd that was almost triple what was inside El Paso County Coliseum which was estimated by city officials to have held 10,000-11,000 in the concert setup with both sets of grandstand and floor setup added to standing-room-only capacity.

Beto had his counter rally about 1,000 ft from the Trump rally with Trump’s face staring down on him from the massive screens outside the Trump rally casting his speech to the crowd. This must have been a remarkable and life-changing to the Beto crowd. To see that their cause was so unimportant to the Democratic city that the counter rally that should have drawn countless people was rejected by a majority of the city population. A couple of the dissenters to Trump, we know, would have rather been thrown out of his rally than attend Beto’s.

But I digress……

What was discussed? Well… the fact that walls work. Trump was allowed to use El Paso, a border city with a steel wall, as an example with its crime rates taking a steep nose dive after the wall was built next to the city between El Paso and Juarez. The cities are connected at the hip, But divided by a fence. What has this fence done? Well, it separates a city with 1,000+ murders a year and a city with just 20-ish murders a year now, with a fence. This has been significant for the drop in illegal crossings into El Paso and the crime rates caused by those crossings. Showing, starkly, that “Walls Work”. This was supported by the Trump crowd who were holding signs saying “BUILD THE WALL” and “FINISH THE WALL”.

AOC’s Green New Deal was hotly disputed at the rally as well. Trump called it a failed “high school term paper”. He said it would cost us one-hundred-trillion-dollars which is a number that doesn’t exist in money. He said we wouldn’t be able to own cars, fly airplanes, or own cows. All of which is proposed in this “Green New Deal”.

Trump also attacked the issue of Late Term Abortion. Saying that he asked congress to pass regulation to ban late term abortion. He attacked Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) and his words describing what he proposes if a child were to survive one of these procedures. He mentioned Gov. Northam’s interview debacle where he was asked if he could still moonwalk like Michael Jackson. He looks around the stage and his wife mentions that it would be inappropriate. Trump said it would have been an embarrassment and that his wife saved him. He called abortion “Ripping babies from the womb”… Something that he had mentioned in campaign speeches, debates, and even his most recent State of the Union address last week. This abortion controversy just got more heated with the most recent Supreme Court decision to ignore a Louisiana statute that would have closed 2/3 of the clinics in the state. A case that is expected to be appealed and revisited next summer.

All of this to say that last night was the first of many Trump Rallies, pie throwing speeches, and heated controversy that is sure to continue into next summers primaries, and next Novembers election. 2019 is only the beginning. Trump has surprised me. With his Democratic past I expected him to be a moderate, not a conservative. I expected him to drop the rhetoric and fail miserably, but he didn’t. No, I didn’t get what I wanted from him. He didn’t defund Planned Parenthood. I didn’t expect it to happen. But, he has governed conservatively, and that I can get behind. Trump has many things to answer for us. But I hope he can do what he promises. Overturn Roe v. Wade, Build the Wall, defund Planned Parenthood, strengthen our military, stop the rise of the socialists in the government, and tell off AOC. That’s what I want to see him do, and I think he can do it.

Let’s hope he can accomplish these goals. If he does, he can help to Make America Conservative Again!