Who’s Who?


This blog follows the four main streams of Reformed thought. Anglican, Dutch, Presbyterian, and Particular Baptist. The writers who are published here are from one of those four influences. All are conservative and engage in ministry somewhere, somehow. Many of us are currently in Seminary. A few have already graduated and left. Some are currently preaching and teaching, some have in the past. We are all different, but desire to serve God in whatever way He has ordained for us to serve.

The Following Writers are on staff for this site and do not include contributors from other blogs, churches, ministries, etc…

Executive/General Editor- Anthony W. Brooks


Anthony is the founder of what was once The Reformed Path Blog, then The Reformed View Blog, and now The Ancient Faith. He was once a licensed minister in a Baptist church where he attended for a decade. He was convinced of the Reformed faith in college where he met his wife, Sam. After their marriage he moved them into the Presbyterian Church (OPC) where they have been since 2017.

Anthony and Sam have one child, Augustine Isaac Brooks, and live in Henderson Texas. He also enjoys discussing and debating cultural issues, theology, and worldview issues with atheists, Roman Catholics, Old Church of Christ, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and others. He also regularly engages in theological and cultural discussions on Facebook Live multiple times a month. He is a member of multiple discussion forums including Reformed Pub, Genevan Commons, Covenanters, Catholics and Reformed, and others where there are lively discussions between differing viewpoints.

You can contact Anthony via Facebookemail, and blog.


Editor-Pierre Bruneau

23518852_1525009930919941_912382589934805788_nPierre wrote his bio in his own words- “My name is Pierre Bruneau and I was lost in the Roman Catholic religion and in the darkness of my own sins for the first 14-15 years of my life until God graciously made known to me the saving gospel of Jesus Christ through an Evangelical Christian radio station. The message of Christ crucified in my place for my sins so convicted me that I knew I could no longer live my life for myself, but that my whole life ought to be lived for him who died for me. I have been following him ever since, and he has also graciously given me a believing wife and two children.”

You can reach him through his website HERE.

Contributor, Moderator- Skyler Gerald

unnamedOriginally from Cincinnati, OH, Skyler is a pastoral ministry student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. After his studies there he plans to pursue his M.Div. He was raised in Lebanon Presbyterian Church (EPC) where he still attends and serves as a young adults ministry intern leading Bible studies and events. He’s passionate about empowering young adults in their faith and helping them face the fears that sometimes come with approaching Scripture. He’s also passionate about getting the Gospel to LDS people and educating fellow christians on the LDS church and their need for Christ.
In addition to vocational ministry, he loves photography, playing guitar, listening to his records, and exploring Chicago for all its diversity. You can probably find him taking the trains in Chicago all over the city exploring and taking photos.
Contributor, Moderator- Maverick Victor Witlouw
35654450_1944819172196849_8850306908326723584_nMaverick is a blogger, writer, and author from South Africa. He has a keen interest in historical and systematic theology, an i avid reader, a High-Fantasy Geek, with a tendency to study in the most unholy times of the day. He is currently completing his last year for his B.Th with the South African Theological Seminary. He is a proponent of Mercersburg Theology, and Reformed Catholicity. He currently resides in the Northern Suburbs of the Western Cape South Africa, where he currently attends Kraaifontein Baptist Church, a 1689 Reformed Baptist Fellowship. Maverick personally adheres broadly to the Reformed Confessions, particularly the 39 Articles of Religion.