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Historic Church Creeds and Confessions!

Confessions and Creeds have guided the Church in orthodoxy for centuries. They have been the beacon of Reformed understanding and have had an impossibly large impact on modern Christian thought for as long as the protestant church has had them. All of the major confessions in history are still in use today.

Though we really want to have all of the Confessions and Creeds linked here, we find that to be an impossible task with the amount of time we have available to us, so we will link to someone who has done this. Historic Church Documents

Additional Resources!

Doug Wilson is a Presbyterian Pastor who lays out our position honestly. But his blog covers many other issues that relate to culture and politics from a Christian Worldview.

Blog and Mablog

Second is a few debates and lectures that helped me understand where I am now.

–          The first debate is between two Baptists. Dr. James R. White of Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church and (Now) Dr. Leighton Flowers of FBC Richardson. The debate is over the subject “Which Soteriological system is supported by Romans 9”.

James White Vs. Leighton Flowers

–          This one is called “Answering Objections to Calvinism” by Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church. Jeff handles the subject carefully and reasonably.

Jeff Durbin- Answering objections to Calvinism

–          This is a message on the “Sovereignty of God” By Jeff Durbin. My position starts and ends with God’s sovereignty.

Message- Jeff Durbin -Sovereignty of God

–          The next page I am sending you to is the Alpha and Omega ministries YouTube channel with Dr. James White. He has taught Greek, Hebrew, and Systematic Theology on a University/Seminary level. He has engaged in over 170 public, moderated debates. In addition to that, multiple (dozens) of radio and television appearances as well. He comments on church, culture, and theological issues in our day. His Dividing Line program also takes live calls every so often over varying topics. There are also multiple other pages I will also link in this section.

YouTube- AOMin

YouTube- Dr. James White

Sermon Audio- Dr. James White

–          This next source is very informative. Ligonier is a ministry started by one of the most influential theologians and pastors of the last 2 centuries, Dr. RC Sproul. He was the bulldog of the Biblical Inerrancy movement and Conservative Resurgence in the 20th century and helped form the Chicago Statement. His website is a hub of biblical knowledge with thousands of articles on every subject you can imagine.

Ligonier Ministries

–          This next resource is very much like Ligonier, but a Baptist ministry. John Piper is a pastor in the SBC and hosts the Desiring God Conference. He was at the front of the Young Restless and Reformed movement in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. He is the head of Desiring God Ministries.

Desiring God

–          This next source is by John MacArthur. Grace to You has a yearly conference and a Shepherds Conference for pastors. I would describe them more as Calvinistic than Reformed.

Grace to You

–          This next website has plenty of information on Reformed documents and apologetics. Also some helpful websites and sermons.

–          Lastly, for now, I’ll post one last thing that is more in depth. This is a site called Reformed Forum that was started as a multidenominational Reformed podcast network for the OPC. These are pastors and elders that get together and discuss many different things. But it can get deep and confusing at times so, Caution.

Reformed Forum

Recommended Bible Translations

Here at The Ancient Faith we desire for people to have the truth of God. We want to point believers towards an accurate translation of the Word of God that is right for them. Naturally, we do not hold to any position that there is a perfect English translation of the Bible. The Bible was not written in English. But we do accept the divine preservation of the truth in all languages.

  1. ESV- English Standard Version. An essentially literal translation and revision of the Revised Standard Version. First released in 2001 By Crossway of Wheaton, IL. Also had revisions in 2007, 2011, and 2016. The ESV had multiple study bibles released since 2008. 8th Grade reading level.
  2. NASB- New American Standard Bible. A Formal Translation released by the Lockman Foundation in 1960. The current edition is 1995, and is currently being revised as I type. Considered by many to be the most accurate translation, it is difficult to navigate compared to the close second (ESV). 11th Grade reading level.
  3. KJV- King James Version. Often called the Authorized Version, the KJV is a 17th century puritan translation that was commissioned by James I of England in 1604, and was completed in 1611. Oxford carries the official license to print the KJV in England. But, in America it is public domain. 12th Grade reading level.
  4. NKJV- New King James Version. First commissioned in 1975, the NKJV was translated to update the ever loved KJV. Completed in 1982, the NKJV automatically became popular in evangelical circles. The NKJV is published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. 6th Grade reading level.

Recommended Study Bibles

Unlike Soteriology 101 and other non-Calvinist sources, we have plenty of sources to recommend along this line. All study bibles recommended will be from one of our recommended translations.

  1. The MacArthur Study Bible- First printed in 1997. John MacArthur is a popular evangelical leader and pastor at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. He came to reformed convictions in the early late 80’s and early 90’s, turning away from the classic dispensationalism he grew up on. Having ministered for over 50 years, Dr. MacArthur is an experienced leader and champion of the Gospel. **This Bible strongly advocates Dispensational Premillennialism.**
  2. The ESV Study Bible- First Released in 2008, the ESV Study Bible is a winner of the EPCA Christian Book Award. The General Editor of this volume is Dr. Wayne Grudem, a Baptist Calvinist who holds degrees from Harvard, Westminster Seminary, and Cambridge. He is best known for his work in Systematic Theology and Complementarianism.
  3. The Reformation Study Bible- This is a very interesting study system. First released in 1995 as the “New Geneva Study Bible”, the name was changed to it’s current name in 1998. In 2005 the study bible was released in both the NKJV (as in previous editions) and the ESV. In 2015 the study system went through an extensive revision, including a makeover and expansion. The General Editor is Dr. RC Sproul (1939-2017). **This is a massive volume. The current 2015 edition weighs over 4 pounds. It is not suitable for carry.**
  4. The Reformation Study Bible Condensed Edition- All of the reformedness of the original, just in a smaller package. First released in 2017 as a response to criticisms about the size of the original. The notes were condensed along with the study helps. The creeds and confessions section in the back was removed. **This edition is only available in the ESV.**
  5. Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible- This study bible is considered by many to be the most Reformed study bible of all time (behind the Geneva Bible of course). The General Editor is Joel Beeke of Reformation Heritage and Banner of Truth. **This version is only available in the KJV.**

For my full review and grading of all of these Bibles you can go here. In this article I grade the Bibles on a variety of things including durability, portability, theological preference, and quality of study notes on a scale of A, B, C, D, and F.

Resources on Eschatology

Eschatology Defined.

Eschatology is loosely defines as the study of last things. Broadly, this term is also applied to Heaven and Hell. Though, for the purposes of this page, we will narrow it down to the typical usage of “What will happen at the end?” and “What led up to how it is now and how will that impact the last things?”

There are four typical views and multiple sub-categories within these groups.

  1. Historic Premillennialist
  2. Dispensational Premillennialist
  3. Amillennialist
  4. Postmillenialist

These four main camps are not all that exists, but are the vast majority of what exists. typically we can define them by their view of the millennium in Revelation 20. Why do that ourselves when we can connect you to people who would do a much better job than us at this.

First is a set of links from Douglas Wilson explaining his view on eschatology from the Postmillennial viewpoint.

Blog and Mablog- Primer on Eschatology 1

Blog and Mablog- Primer on Eschatology 2

Blog and Mablog- Primer on Eschatology 3

Next I will link you to Sam Storms from the Amillennial viewpoint.


Now a little article from John Piper discussing Pre-millennialism and why he’s not a Post-millennialist.

Are you becoming a Postmillennialist?

Here is a blog i found from the Dispensational Premillennial view.

Also, some resources from John MacArthur that I found interesting.

Why Every Calvinist Should be Premillennial

Lastly I wanted to post a link to a panel discussion from Desiring God on Eschatology.

An Evening of Eschatology