Soteriology Defined

Soteriology is simply the study of the doctrine of salvation. This is no small subject to tackle as it goes into how we understand God, the sacraments, eschatology and other issues. But to limit our range a bit, we will focus on the question, “What must I do to be saved?”

That question is a common one and was even asked in the Bible (Acts 16:30). But we must separate pure human experience from what the scriptures explain is happening at salvation. We at the blog believe that Calvinism is the best explanation for what happens during salvation.

Calvinism is an often misunderstood and caricaturized belief system. When I started studying Calvinism I was an avid Anti-Calvinist who saw it as blatant heresy. By God’s grace I was removed from my ignorant and prideful position and placed into an understanding of the Doctrines of Grace that truly conformed me to the Biblical norm.

Calvinism Defined

Calvinism can have a broad and narrow definition. Broadly, it can be defined as Reformed Covenant Theology. This is the name of the basic teachings of the Westminster Confession of Faith. The issue that many believers have with this definition is that it leaves out Baptists who do not subscribe to the entirety of the confession.

Narrowly, it can be defined as those who adhere to the Five Points of Calvinism. This focuses upon Soteriology (the doctrine of salvation).

This blog uses the narrow definition. We see no reason to limit Calvinists to only those who hold to Covenant Theology. So we have decided to offer resources to any who want to learn more about Calvinism. ENJOY!

Calvinism Resources

There are many resources that we can look at to establish a well rounded understanding of Calvinism. On our Resources page we have given plenty of resources to understand the overall viewpoint of this blog, which included many Calvinist things, but this page seeks to do more than that. We are narrowing down our focus to just Soteriology.

– We are going to start with a site called Monergism. Wikipedia loosely defines monergism like this:

Monergism is the view within Christian theology which holds that God works through the Holy Spirit to bring about the salvation of an individual through spiritual regeneration, regardless of the individual’s cooperation.”

That is a fair definition in my opinion. The website gives plenty of articles, videos, mp3, and ebooks to give perfect understanding of the position. Here are a few links to some recommended starting points.

RC Sproul- Lecture series on Predestination

Calvinism Link Page

Predestination Link Page

Atonement Link Page

Definite/Limited Atonement Link Page

Total Depravity Link Page

Irresistible Grace Link Page

Perseverance of the Saints Link Page

– Next I am linking you to Dr. James White’s Sermon Audio Page. Dr. James White is one of the foremost Reformed Baptist apologists of our day. His ministry, Alpha and Omega Ministries, has been serving the Lord and His Church for over 30 years. He is elder at Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church.

Romans 9 Debate- James White vs. Leighton Flowers– This debate helped me nail down what I believed concerning this difficult passage of scripture. When given two options between the Corporate view of election and the Unconditional view, it wasn’t even a contest. Dr. White hit it out of the park in this debate.

Calvinism Subject Page– This page is a wealth of information. Multiple debates, Dividing Line Programs, etc… I recommend you listen to the entire thing.

– Next is John Pipers teaching series on TULIP (the five points of Calvinism).

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

– The next resource is a sermon (also on the Resource page) by Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church. This sermon is called Answering Objections to Calvinism.


Calvinism has plenty of scripture to support it (Check it out HERE). We didn’t make an uneducated decision. Calvinism is another name for the fullness of the Gospel in our eyes. A strong commitment to scripture and Biblical consistency is how we come to the conclusions we do concerning the doctrines of Grace

Soli Deo Gloria!